Isla Straw Fedora - Putty
Isla Straw Fedora - Putty
Isla Straw Fedora - Putty
Isla Straw Fedora - Putty

Isla Straw Fedora - Putty

Introducing our newest Made in the USA release, the Isla Straw Fedora! Featuring a raw material that is handwoven, fair trade certified Toquilla Straw from the Ecuadorian Coast. UPF Test certified 50+ UPF rating which provides excellent UVR protection. The extra fineness of the weave increases durability while maintaining breathability. This woven Toquilla Straw is a vegetable fiber and as lightweight as all of our other straw materials.

Fit: The "Isla" Yellow 108 crown is 4 1/2" tall with a modest pinch front and is a favorite for just about all head shapes. To accommodate all head shapes block is larger than most of our other styles so we recommend to size down one size once you confirm your diameter. Like all of our styles head shape will play a role in size. While diameter is important, head shape plays an important role in fit and choosing the right crown style for your head shape.

**Hat bands scarves sold separately.**

Unisex // Fitted // Made in the USA // Vegan

Material: 100% Fair Trade Certified Toquilla Straw   
Band: None  
Crown: "Isla"  
Brim: 3 1/2"    
Edge: Folded / Sewn

Small        54-55cm  (21 1/4-21 3/4")          
Medium   56-57cm  (22-22 1/2")          
Large       58-59cm  (22 3/4-23 1/4")          
X-Large   60-61cm  (23 1/2-24")

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