Yellow 108 Floral Hat Band / Neck Scarf No. 3
Yellow 108 Floral Hat Band / Neck Scarf No. 3

Hat Band / Neck Scarf No. 3

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Our newly launched salvage material hat band collection doubles as a neck scarf as well! Made from salvaged textiles in Los Angeles these hat bands are a quick and easy addition to your favorite Yellow 108 hats. Fitting every style perfectly, tie them on your hat or around your neck. These materials are salvaged from our friends at Pocket Square Clothing, a brand manufacturing high quality suits. Since these are salvaged materials, once they are sold out they are gone forever. Only 50 units made in each size and material making these extremely limited edition! Each item comes with a custom Yellow 108 gift box. Made from 100% Salvaged Rayon in multi-colored floral.
Length: 34"
Unisex // Made in Los Angeles // Limited Edition // Vegan
*Model wearing 2 1/2" scarf folded in half.